Friday, March 30, 2012

Tips For Getting Your Atlanta Home Sold

Just about every Atlanta homeowner knows that it's a buyers market and that selling your home right now can be difficult, but not impossible. You’re competing with other homes for sale in Atlanta and the key to success boils down to the preparation involved before your Realtor starts showing it.

Spruce up the Exterior

The first thing that potential buyers will see when they drive up to your home is the condition of the exterior. First impressions count and you want to grab the attention of the prospective homebuyer immediately. If you haven't painted your home in more than five years, you should make painting your first home-improvement priority. Paint is very inexpensive and can go a long way with helping a potential buyer to envision living in your home.

Besides painting the exterior of your home you should also paint your front door a bright, bold color which will make the door “pop” and help your home to stand out from the other homes on your block.

Another part of sprucing up the exterior of your home is improving the landscaping, this step doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, improving the landscaping around your home can be as simple as mowing your lawn, weeding your garden and cutting back any overgrown bushes, trees or shrubbery.
While you're improving the landscaping around your home you should also make an effort to clean the outside of your home's windows so they appear neat and clean from the inside.

Make Those Repairs

One of the most important parts of getting your home ready to sell is making repairs and fixing things that are broken or need replacing. You should devote one weekend to home repair and start out by walking around your home inside and outside to examine doors, windows, locks, light bulbs, light switches and make a list of anything that is broken or needs to be replaced. Once you have your list go to your local hardware store and purchase all the supplies that you need to get your home back in shape.

Deep Cleaning

A clean home is one of the best ways to make a great first impression on a potential home buyer and before you start showing your home you should make the effort to clean it thoroughly from top to bottom. This includes scrubbing all floors, washing windows and shampooing all carpets. You should also paint interior walls that need to be painted and replace any broken baseboards or floorboards that look bad.

Stage Your Home

Last of all, but most important, one of the best ways to impress potential homebuyers is to stage your Atlanta home so that that homebuyer can see themselves living there. When your home is all nice and clean you should go through your home room by room and remove any excess furniture or accessories which can make a room seem too cluttered. A room with less furniture will seem bigger and make the house feel more spacious overall, even if it's a smaller home.